Model #PLMV168KC1 FRIGIDAIRE Microwave/Hood Combo

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exhaust PLMV168KC1 Frigidaire Microwave/hood combo


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I know that it can be very difficult to have issues with your microwave/range hood. Most micro hoods do not do a very good job of drawing out cooking vapors. They do not draw near as well as the regular range hood. Because of how they are designed with limited space for a fan and motor systems they do not do a very good job from my experience. It also depends on the size and length of the vent run. Most regular range hoods would have 350 to 400 CFM which does an adequate job. This model has a 220 cubic feet per minute air flow. If it has to compete with a central air conditioner or and heating system it will not do well. If they are off at the time the micro hood with do much better. If in the future you replace the micro hood I would suggest getting the exhaust vent fans CFM rating to make sure it is on the high end of the scale of what is available at the time you are looking. 
If it sucked air before and isn't now, then I would guess that your air intake filter needs replacing or at least cleaning. It is usually found in the intake area. These grease filters can get clogged in the center, which makes a standard cleaning difficult to get it sufficiently clean.
After removing the filter, squirt the filter down real good with 100% concentration of Simple Green and let it soak for a short while, then rinse it with hot water. OR put it in the dish washer and let the dish washer do all of the work.
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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
March 05, 2014