Model #PGS975WEM2WW GE Slide-In Range, Gas

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Question and Answers


How to replace the oven igniter?


First, remove or disconnect power to the range. I'm going to assume that you need to replace the bake igniter and not the broil igniter. Remove the two thumb screws located at the rear of the oven floor. Pull the oven bottom up at the rear and slide the floor backwards enough to clear the front lip and remove it. You will now see the flame spreader with two nuts at the center holding it in place. Remove the two nuts and lift the flame spreader off. You will see the igniter fastened along the rear side of the burner tube with two wires attached. Remove the mounting screw and disconnect the wires to remove the igniter.

NOTE: Removing the oven door will make it make it easier to reach into the bottom of the range. Open the door a few inches to the special stop position that will hold the door open. Grasp firmly on each side and lift the door straight up and off the hinges. To replace the door make sure that both hinges are in the special stop. Position the slots in the bottom of the door squarely over the hinges. Then lower the door slowly and evenly over both hinges at the same time.

Reverse the procedure to install the igniter and to reassemble the flame spreader and oven floor.

Reconnect power to the range.

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expert -
Sears Technician
February 29, 2008

In our case with a GE Profile model PGS975WEM2WW the wires for the igniter go back through an opening at the back of the oven. while the insulated wires do pull out a bit, there is no connector. Is it necessary to further disassemble the stove?

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Dennis -
August 20, 2011
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