Model #LSQ9550PW3 WHIRLPOOL Residential Washers

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Washer's basket doesn't spin when rinsing


Having one of your major appliances not working can be a big inconvenience. I was able to locate a similar issue. The expert provides great input on what it might be. I hope that it will help you determine what it can be.

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celene -
December 13, 2010

Thank you for your question & providing a good description of the symptoms. From what you described it sounds like the clutch needs to be replaced & the left side hinge bent back in position. The left lid hinge is what trips the lid switch when you lower the lid down. This is a known problem and there is now a new lid hinge available if you wish to replace it.

For the unit not spinning problem it sounds like the clutch drum has oil on it or the pads are glazed over. You can sand off the pads and clean the clutch drum sometimes to solve this problem. If that doesn't help you will need to replace the complete clutch. Remember to disconnect power before attempting access. Please click on the link provided below for more information and instructions.


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biker dave -
Sears Technician
December 14, 2010
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