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What would cause my washer to not agitate or drain?


Remove or disconnect power to the washer before removing the cabinet.

The water pump could be jammed with a small piece of clothing. It could be an electrical problem anywhere between the timer and the motor. It could have a timer problem, motor, start capacitor or a loose wiring connection. First, I recommend checking for a jammed water pump which is driven directly off the front motor shaft. To gain access to the motor and pump the washer cabinet will need to be removed. To remove the cabinet the console will need to be hinged up and let it lay over the rear panel. Remove the screws on the rear side of the console endcaps and then slide the console forward and the raise the front and let it hinge over the rear panel and hang. Next, you will need to disconnect the lid switch harness plug and then pop loose the two goldish colored clips securing the cabinet to the rear panel. To remove the clips lay the tip of a screwdriver into the most forward valley and the push the handle end towards the back of the washer and the clip will pop loose from the cabinet. Tilt the top of the cabinet forwards and then walk it away and set it aside. Remove the two clips securing the water pump onto the motor and pull the pump off the motor leaving the hoses attached and then see it the motor will run in the agitation mode and not spin. Check for any loose wiring connections at the timer, motor and capacitor if the motor still does not run with the water pump off.

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your washer.

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Sears Technician
February 27, 2008

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