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Thank you for contacting with your question about your television. I am sorry you are having issues with you TV. I know the TV is a key part of our daily lives and know you want to get it working as soon as possible. In this case I would recommend having a qualified technician test and repair you television. Internal components of the TV can retain dangerous high electrical charges even when the TV is disconnected. So as a safety precaution we do not give advice on repairing TVs. If you wish to have service set up you can do so at

Thank you for your understanding of the situation. Again thank you for choosing Sears we appreciate your business. 

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Benny23 -
Sears Technician
April 13, 2015

Why does my LCD TV click on and off but have no picture or sound?


I can think of a few scenarios from your question. The simplest cause and fix is that the source to the TV is not working. Check connections and make sure that the peripheral is on. Hitting the menu button on the TV would let you know that the TV is on and capable of displaying something if you could see the menu. If not then there are a few possibilities. Check to see if the TV is clicking on and off by itself after you hit the power button. You may have noticed that it was taking longer to come on, or you might be able to get it to come on if you keep trying to turn on. This is normally a problem with the power supply. I would look for a few bulged capacitors on the power supply. If you are unfamiliar with electronics I would not recommend taking the back off, but a technician should spot these caps and replacing them might bring back normal operation.

Another scenario I see is that you can turn your set on just fine and turn it off but there is nothing on the screen. The first question I would have is if there is menu. If the menu is not there then either the main board might not be operating, the backlight might not be coming on, or the T-Con board on the LCD panel is not functioning. If it were the T-Con or the backlight then you should still have audio. The problem is that you cannot tell if you have audio because there is no menu to make sure you are on the right input.

Check to see if the backlight lights up at turn on. Even though it’s a black screen, you should still see the glow from the fluorescent tubes. Looking through the air vents on the back is sometimes easier to see the light coming through the small holes on the back of the LCD panel inside the set. If you notice that you get momentary backlight and it then shuts off, you might have a bad fluorescent tube. If it does not light at all, then it can be the main board or the power supply that has the HV for the lamps generated on it. If it lights but there is no video no menu, then the backlight is not the problem.

After ruling out the backlight you are left with the main board or the T-Con. I would suspect the T-Con over the main board but I do not have a good method of troubleshooting this. A technician would unload the LVDS connector between them at each point to see if there is a different reaction. There is no test I can think of a consumer could do to help tell the difference between the T-Con and main board if there is no video no menu and the backlight is on.

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David A. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
November 17, 2009

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