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Why are there pink spots on my TV screen and how do I fix it?


I'm not clear on what your symptom is. The pink spots you describe could be individual pixels that are always on. They would be very small and in the same spot. Since it is always on it would also seem brighter than the pixels around it. It would cover the menu and every source you try. Try to rule this out but trying different inputs and sources. If you have a cable box, try it on composite (yellow wire), component (green, red, blue wire), and HDMI. After confirming that it is on that, try a local station through the tuner. After confirming it’s on that as well, try a DVD player or a game system. Make sure it is on the graphics generated by the TV like the volume bar, channel indicator, or the menu. A pixel on the panel would show up on top of all these things. If it is the pixels that are always on then a panel would be needed to correct.

Another scenario is that the whole screen is getting pink sparkles or snow throughout the screen. These are moving throughout the screen. The same checks that you made for the panel would apply here. They would be over all inputs and every source but they would be faint and dancing around. This can be a poor connection between the main board and the panel or a board itself. The power board can get damaged capacitors that usually cause the set to not turn on properly but can create video problems as well. The T-CON board on the panel can become defective and create noise. This can be trickier to pinpoint. I would start with the cable, visually check the caps, and change the T-CON if the first two don't fix the problem.

There are other symptoms that could cause pink spots as well. A poor reception can break up the video and cause colored blocks to appear on the screen. This is usually a reception problem, either from over the air or satellite/cable line. The TV can also cause this when it processes the video. The panel itself could have been hit or started to separate giving a cloudy irregular mark on the screen that is transparent but still there. These are usually dark or grey but I assume it can be seen as magenta in the right light condition.

If I was unable to understand the symptom, try sending in a picture along with what you found by connecting it to different inputs and sources. I might be able to give a little more insight to the situation.

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David A. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
November 11, 2009