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What would cause my dryer burner to light, then go out?


Several things could cause the burner to light and then go off on a dryer. The sensor you asked about only turns off the igniter. The high limit thermostat or the operating thermostat could cause the burner to turn off.

The most likely thing to cause this problem is an airflow problem. Remove the vent hose from the dryer and try it. If it lights and stays lit for 45 seconds turn it off. The burner puts off carbon monoxide and will make you sick if you let it burn too long. You should open a window when you do this test.

If the burner stays on with the vent hose off, the vent is stopped up. If it still goes off, one of the thermostats is bad. You should replace both of them.

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Sears Technician
January 17, 2008

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