Model #LE5530XKW0 WHIRLPOOL Residential Dryer

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need explicit installation instructions to install heat element in whirlpool dryer


I believe I can help you with this project but this is an older model and the best I can do is show you a similar model that is a little newer.

The element is accessed by removing the rear panel of the dryer. The image below may help with this. Remember to unplug the dryer first.

The element is installed inside the heater box held in place by one bolt. Your particular element is not the same as the newer one shown in the image.

The entire heater box can be removed but you will have to raise the top of the dryer to access a clip holding the top of the heater box. See the 2nd image for help with this. With the clip removed you can pull out on the upper part of the heater box then up to release it.

If you haven't already the 4391960 element can be obtained from the following site: Sears PartsDirect .

If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services .

I hope this information is specific enough for you to complete this job but submit another question with any additional details for further assistance.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
May 08, 2010

i'll give it a shot, the only thing is i don't believe on my model i don't have screws on the heaterbox do i just bend the top section of the slot it sits in?

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fishbait71 -
May 08, 2010
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