Model #KDS-60A3000 SONY LCD Television

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Lamp Door Screw KDS60A3000 Sony Sxrd projection tv


Thank you for being Sears’ valued member and for contacting with your question about a part for your Sony projection TV model KDS60A3000. I am so sorry the loss of the lamp door screw seems to be interfering with the picture. Unfortunately we are not able to get this part. 

The screw is attached to the door lever, part number 3-093-887-01. The parts information we have on this TV does not include a part number for the screw. In this case I recommend you contact the manufacturer directly. I have included a link to their site.

I hope this information helps. Thank you for choosing Sears, we appreciate your business. 

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Rachel Morgan -
Sears Technician
July 07, 2015

Can you help me install a replacement lamp on my projection TV?


For reference use the owner's manual found on the ManageMyLife website found here starting on page 44.

  • Turn the set off and wait two minutes while the fan cools down the lamp.

  • Unplug the set and wait an additional 30 minutes to make sure the lamp unit is not hot from being on.

  • Take the new lamp out of the box and avoid touching the glass. The residue from your fingertips can cause uneven heating and cause it to fail prematurely.

  • Press the clamp and the button on the cover at the same time to release and remove it. This is located in the rear on the left hand side.

  • Now you can see the actual lamp door. There is a thumb screw that needs to be loosened counterclockwise and then slid to the left. You can now remove the door.

  • The lamp is now visible. The back of the lamp is facing you and tilted a bit clockwise. There are two grooves, one on the left and one on the right. grab hold of these and pull out. The bulb is inside this plastic housing with two wire leads coming out to a connector that plugs in to the right of the lamp for its supply.

  • Slide the new lamp firmly in its place using the grooves on its sides.

  • Install the door making sure to slide the level back to the right once it is in and then tightening the thumb screw clockwise.

  • Install the cover right side first and secure the clamp.

  • Turn the TV on and go the General settings in your menu to activate the lamp replacement. This is to reset the lamp time reminder.

Use the owner's manual link I provided since it includes pictures and that can be very helpful with a situation like this. If you get stuck at any part please write back with another question so I can help.

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David A. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
January 06, 2010