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oven door glass jrp24gt1bb


When it comes to replacing the outer glass on ovens is made easy with help from the experts, as you will see in the link provided below. An expert will reply with additional information within two business days. Thanks for your patience.

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Anna T -
February 20, 2013

To answer your question, no, you will not need any adhesive to put the glass back on. Here are the instructions on how to put the glass back on.




Open the oven door completely. Locate the door hinge. Locate the door hinge locking arm on the hinge, and pull it up to release. Close the door about halfway.


Grab the outside of the oven door with your hands. Lift up and pull the door out of the hinges.



Set the door face down on a padded surface. A couple of towels placed on the floor will suffice.


Insert a screwdriver into the screws that mount the outer door to the inner door. There are two screws at the top and two at the bottom.


Pull the outer door away from the inner door with your hands. You may need to insert a screwdriver between the two to get it started. Be careful not to bend the door.


Remove the outer door trim and retainers by pulling them away from the door with your fingers.


Carefully remove the outer glass from the door and set it aside. Clean off any residual two-sided tape from inside the door panel with warm water and dish soap. Dry completely.


Apply the two-sided tape that comes with the oven door glass to the inside of the outer door panel. Carefully line up the door glass and press the edges firmly against the tape.


Reinstall the outer retainer and trim by sliding them over the door glass and outside edge of the oven door.


Position the inner door over the outer door, and push it into place. Secure the inner door by reattaching the mounting screws.


Grasp the sides of the door and position it back over the hinges, and push it into place. Open the door fully, and push the locking clip back down. Close the oven door.

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JessicaM -
Sears Technician
February 20, 2013
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