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why doesnt my oven heat up at all JGBP28WEJ1WW Ge Gas range


Thank you for your question. Check your broiler burner to see if it ignites properly. If the broiler burner works then I recommend that you try switching the broil igniter and the bake burner igniter. These are identical parts. If the bake burner will ignite properly with the igniters switched then a bad bake burner igniter was causing your problem. A weak igniter will glow but will prevent the burner from igniting if the resistance of the igniter does not decrease enough to allow sufficient current to flow through the circuit and open the safety gas valve for the burner. Replacing the bad igniter will fix your problem in this situation. The part number for the igniter is 3186491. You can order this part from the Sears PartsDirect website.

If the broiler works but switching the igniters does not result in the bake burner igniting properly then you could have a failed electronic oven control board or a wiring failure in the circuit. A failed safety gas valve is a remote possibility. These possibilities are less likely than the failed igniter described in the first part of the answer.

A failed temperature sensor will normally result in an error code. It would also prevent the broiler from working.

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dtova00 -
Sears Technician
October 07, 2013

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