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GE dishwasher GSD6600. White spoungey debris on dishes and at bottom of washer, even after clear water cycle, and dishwasher majic. (see more)


Well something that would have this kind of troubleshooting information will be in your owners manual. I know exactly how hard it is to keep track of all the owners manuals in your home but something that is very handy about Manage My Life is that you can find just about any manual on here. All you have to do is go to the top of the page and click on the tab that says "MANUALS" in the search box type in your model number then you manual will be available for you to view. I have attached the link below for you to view while waiting on your response from an expert. Hope this helps!

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Alina F. -
September 16, 2010

Something like this is usually caused by hard water deposits or too much soap being used. MML has this project listed on our site; I have provided that link for you below. Please click on the link for complete step by step instructions covering cleaning inside the dishwasher and see the image provided below for other cleaning suggestions & troubleshooting tips to prevent build-up in the future.

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biker dave -
Sears Technician
September 17, 2010

I had the GE dishwasher that had the white spoungey material. My husband took the entire insides apart and found a paper towel had gotten in the dishwasher and gummed up everything. After a thorough cleaning, it seems to be better. The suggestion to run a clear water cycle with a container of 2 cups vinegar once a year is a good one for general maintenance. Thanks Tammy, Dave and commuity!

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Vivian -
September 18, 2010
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