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My GE Potscrubber is leaving residue on dishes.


Hello, I see that your GE pot scrubber isn't doing a good job. While you are waiting for an expert to answer your question, A suggestion that I have is to visit I have provided the link below. Hope this helps!

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Salina L -
July 24, 2010

If the water is not hot enough or if too much detergent is used, it will create this type of condition. Check the water temperature at the faucet and it should be at least 135 degrees for the detergent to dissolve properly. If the temperature is hot enough but it takes awhile for it to get hot enough, run the water from the faucet first, for several minutes until it gets hot and then start the dishwasher.

Another possibility is calcium in the water. Calcium is present in all water supplies and will also cause this problem. Some water supplies will have more calcium than others and a water sample will need to be taken, to determine how much is in your water supply. The only way to remove calcium is with a water softener. If you need more assistance, additional details will be needed.

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Scott D -
Sears Technician
July 27, 2010
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