Model #GLRT184RAQ2 FRIGIDAIRE Top-Mount Refrigerator

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defrosting problem with my top mount refridgerator/freezer fridgidair model@ glrt184raq2


I'm sorry to hear that you are having some difficulties with your refrigerator. I did some research for you at and found an expert answer to a similar question that may help until your expert can respond to your specific question. The link is attached below. If you do decide to schedule service and have a qualified technician help you, I have also attached a link to I hope these links provided assist you.

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Jackie S -
October 27, 2011

If you didn't open the freezer door while you had the refrigerator turned off, the frost didn't melt off the evaporator coil.

If the defrost timer was the problem, it will have to go through 2-3 defrost cycles to remove the frost. You can rotate the shaft of the defrost timer clockwise with a screwdriver slowly until the fan and compressor turn off and put the timer into a defrost. The defrost cycle will last 20-25 minutes. You should see some water in the defrost pan below the evaporator coil if the refrigerator is defrosting.

If the refrigerator is not defrosting, you need to remove the panel from the evaporator and check the defrost heater and thermostat with an ohm meter. Be sure to disconnect the power to the refrigerator before removing any panels.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
October 28, 2011
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