Model #GGQ9800PB0 WHIRLPOOL Residential Dryer

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dryer wont start GGQ9800PB0 Whirlpool Residential dryer

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Barbara -
June 23, 2013

I know how frustrating it can become when you experience issues with your dryer. There could be a couple of reasons why it will not start. One of the two circuit breakers may have tripped off. Locate the two circuit breakers and reset both circuit breakers by flipping them both OFF and ON 2-3 times and then see if the dryer will start. If it does not start, the voltage supply should be measured and verified before any further troubleshooting. Since you stated the start button does not click this could be the cause of this issue. Try pushing and holding that button, will the unit start? If it does while you are holding that button then it will need to be replaced because it is not making the proper contact. The part number is 3398094 . You can also check is to the door switch. You can open the dryer door & press in on the door switch with your finger, you should hear & feel a click. If the door switch is not responding you will need to replace it. The part number for this is 3406107.

Parts can be purchased through this direct link, Sears PartsDirect .I hope this prove helpful. If you need further information feel free to reply back to this thread below.

If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then I recommend scheduling for a service appointment. Here is a link for the website; Sears Home Services . Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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Desiree -
Sears Technician
June 24, 2013
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