Model #FGF326ASE FRIGIDAIRE Free Standing, Gas

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fridgeadare oven range model#fgf326ase serial#vf34233236


Modern ranges with the electronic igniters does beat the old school way of lighting the stove. I see your stove is not lighting at all. I see there is a previous expert post with an answer that looks like it will help so I attached to the link below. I hope this helps while you wait for your expert.

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Barbara H. -
September 04, 2011

thanks barb.your the third person to tell me this!

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tim -
September 04, 2011

Thank you for your question on the oven burner not lighting even though you see the igniter glowing.

Even though you see the igniter glowing, it is a high probability that the igniter is weak and is not allowing enough voltage through to open the safety valve.

It is possible that is could the safety valve but the percentage of failure of the safety valve is much lower.

I would suggest that you replace the igniter. The part number for the igniter is: 5303935066.

Replacement Igniter .

Replacing the igniter is not all that hard.


Open the oven door and remove the oven racks.

Then locate in the back bottom of the oven the two thumb screws that secure the oven bottom. Loosen these screws and lift the oven bottom up from the back and slide to the rear of the oven cavity to release from the front lip of the oven cavity.

Then remove the nut that secures the flame spreader plate on top of the burner. Once this is removed you will see the igniter attached to the burner with two screws.

Remove these two screws and pull the wire harness from the oven liner back and disconnect from the harness.

If the new igniter does not come with the plug harness then cut the wire harness from the oven harness and skin back the wires and connect the new igniter with the ceramic wires nuts provided.

NOTE! PLEASE handle the new igniter with care as they are very fragile and can be easily damage with ruff handling.

Once you have the new igniter installed, reverse the assembly of the oven parts and test operation.

Please let me know how it goes and if you need anymore help I will be glad to help you.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
September 06, 2011
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