Model #FCCW3000FS1 FRIGIDAIRE Commercial Washers

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i have a comm fridigdaire waher fccw3000fs1 and it will not get any power my outlets are fine


I understand how important it is for your washer to be working so that you can do your laundry without any further delay and although your washer is not working properly, I will be happy to help. While you are waiting for an expert answer, I did mange to find a link that will provide you with more information about your problem

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Priscilla V -
September 27, 2011

Thank you for your question on operating the washer without the coin box mechanism.

The coin box contains the timer motor and switches to give power to the washer timer. You cannot not operate the washer with out those parts.

When you push the coin box slide it connects the power to the timer.

You will have to open the coin box top to get to the switches that the slide operates when you start the cycle with the coin box slide.

If one of these switches is not activating then you will need a volt/ohm meter to check these switches for a good circuits to start the washer.

I would suggest having a technician help you with operating the washer without the coin slide.

I cannot tell you how to do that becuase it is altering the design of the machine.

If you do not want to have to use coins you can fill all the coin slots so the slide will work to operate the washer.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
September 30, 2011
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