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cubic feet for this fridge/freezer? ET20DKXVN00 Whirlpool Refrigerators


Thank you for choosing I understand how important it is to know the size of your refrigerator, especially when it comes time to replace the unit. I was unable to find any specifications for this particular model. However, I have included instructions below on how to measure the cubic feet yourself.

1. Remove everything from the refrigerator to be able to get the most accurate measurements.

2. Measure the width, right to left. Make sure to keep the tape level, then write the number down.

3. Measure the height by using one of the front edges to keep the tape plumb, then write the number down.

4. Measure the depth from top inside corner to front edge. Write the number down.

5. Multiply the height times the width times the depth. (i.e. 46 height x 32 width x 18 depth = 26,496 cubic inches.

6. Divide the total by 1,728 -- the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot -- to determine the volume of your refrigerator in cubic feet. (i.e. based on calculation above, 26,496 / 1,728 = 15.33 cubic feet)

I hope we can help you with any other questions and repairs in the future. If you have further questions please let me know. Thanks for using

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Lokelani -
Sears Technician
September 05, 2013

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