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Will kit #4388891 fix my refrigerator?


What usually happens is the water line in the back of the refrigerator freezes. This is the most common reason for the problem you’re experiencing. The kit number you were given is, one of the solutions for this. However, depending on the serial number of your unit, it may not take this insulation kit. If the serial number on your unit begins with EL15, this kit is not needed but if it starts with EL14 it will need this kit. There is also a deflector # 2254458 that snaps on the back of the crisper that will help. As for the gush of water, it can be due to a build up of pressure. There is also an anti run on kit # 8201708 to help stop the drip. For low water pressure, it could be due to low pressure to the unit or the water valve itself may be restricting it. I recommend replacing the kits listed, if it needs all of them (per serial number) and if you still have a pressure problem, a technician may be needed to check the pressure and valve. If you need more assistance, please resubmit your question, with additional details.

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Scott D -
Sears Technician
February 24, 2010