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Electroluxe DRYER Code E66 - WHat is the part necessary to fix and how much is it?


Good morning... I can fully understand your concern regarding this issue but I was unable to locate information on a code E 66 to forward you. I did locate a link (that I've included below) that will discuss this situation in greater detail. Keep in mind that an expert will be responding within the next two business days if not sooner and will likely offer you more information and instruction. Until you hear from us, have a nice day.

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Henry -
December 27, 2012

That E66 code indicates that the exhaust thermal limiter is tripped or that you have a wiring failure in that circuit. That fuse is on the outlet exhaust tube. The technical explanation is shown in the first image below. The second image shows the wiring diagram for the dryer. You will normally need to unplug the dryer and check the continuity of that thermal limiter fuse using a volt/ohm meter. If that fuse is blown, then you can order a new one from this page: Limiter for Electrolux Dryer Model EIMED55IIW0 . That link has the price for the part. Unplug the dryer before installing that part.

Note: If that exhaust thermal limiter fuse was blown, I recommend that you check the exhaust air path to the outside of your home. A clogged or restricted exhaust air vent path can cause that fuse to blow. Failure to correct that type of problem can cause the replacement fuse to blow again shortly after it is installed.

If you need more help, reply with additional details and we will assist you further.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
December 28, 2012
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