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how to change deck belt AYP9159B69 Western Auto Tractor


Thank you for contacting with your question about your Western Auto Tractor. I am sorry the deck belt needs to be changed. I will be happy to help you with this. I have included the blue link below for you to view the owner's manual online in case you don't have a copy. 
The deck belt can be replaced without any tools. I will outline what the manual says. Start by parking the tractor on a level surface. Be sure to engage the parking brake. You will need to remove the mower deck to replace the belt. The steps for that are on page 20. 
Disengage the attachment clutch switch. 
Lower the mower deck to its lowest position by moving the attachment lift lever forward. 
Roll the belt off of the electric clutch pulley.
Remove retainer spring to disconnect the anti-sway bar from the chassis bracket.
Remove retainer springs to disconnect the suspension arms from the rear deck brackets. 
Remove the retainer springs to disconnect the front links. 
Raise the lift lever to raise the suspension arms. Now you should be able to slide the mower deck from under the tractor. It will be easier to pull it out from the right side of the tractor. 
The belt replacement instructions are on page 21.
To take the old belt off, work belt off both mandrel pulleys and idler pulleys. 
Install the new belt in the reverse order. Be sure the belt in all pulley grooves and inside all of the belt guides. 
Re-install the mower deck. 
There are diagrams in the manual that you should find helpful.
I hope this answers your question. If you need further assistance, please resubmit your question with additional details. Thank you for choosing Sears, we appreciate your business. 

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Rachel Morgan -
Sears Technician
May 28, 2014

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