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Loud buzzing noise part way through cycle AGQ8000FS0 Frigidaire Dryer


Thank you for your question. The noise could be coming from a worn or dry drum support shaft and bearing. There is a ball shaft that sits in a plastic bearing. When the bearing wears down enough the metal shaft will rub the metal bearing bracket and cause a lot of noise.

I added an image showing the drum bearing and the drum support shaft and instructions.

In order to access the drum support shaft and bearing, the drum will have to be removed. The top will need to be hinged open and the front panel removed.

The timer could also be the problem. The timer motor has two leads, one lead is connected to terminal BK on the timer these should be marked. The timer terminal BK has line one (L1) power source at all times as long as the dryer is plugged in. Now, the other lead is the Neutral side and it is connected to timer terminal TM.  Timer terminal TM will close timer contact TM and timer terminal WB in the TIMED DRY settings which supplies neutral to the timer motor through door switch and motor centrifugal switch contacts 5M and 6M once the motor is running which completes the neutral path to the timer motor and it will advance all the way through to the OFF position. When it reaches off, timer contact BK and BU will break/open which causes the dryer motor to shut off. Once the motor shuts off, the motor centrifugal switch contacts 5M and 6M opens and breaks the neutral to the timer motor at which time the timer motor quits running. If you have anymore questions reply to this post. Video

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your dryer. (Click Here).

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dtova00 -
Sears Technician
September 03, 2013

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