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917270743 42" tractor not charging battery 917270743 Craftsman 42


front fan 25371124010 Kenmore Room a/c


battery wont charge 917275034 Craftsman Lawn tractor


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Sorry to hear of the charging issue you are having on the tractor, I know how frustrating that is to have occur.
Based upon tractor model 917.275034, I see the unit uses a Kohler engine with a model of CV674-75544. Based upon that engine model, I see it uses a stator and regulator for the charging system.

On most engines there are 2 wires coming from the alternator into the regulator that will be the same color. Then there will be another color wire (usually red) going from the regulator to the tractor harness. You may have to trace the wires to tell which is which.
To test the alternator (stator) locate the voltage regulator on the engine. Remove the 2 same color wires from the regulator and connect a voltmeter to them. Set the meter on ac volts. Start the engine and set the throttle to full. You should read 28 or more volts ac on the 2 wires. If you have the correct voltage the alternator is good, replace the regulator. If you have 10-16 volts or less the alternator is bad. The alternator is located under the flywheel on the engine.
If the alternator and regulator are working properly, you should read 14-15 volts dc across the battery terminals with the engine running full speed.
For convenience, I have included both parts below as blue links you may click on to be directed to the SearsParts page to view and purchase whichever part needs replacement.

Stator Kit for Model CV674-75544

Regulator for Model CV674-75544

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
May 29, 2014