Model #917376360 CRAFTSMAN Walk Behind Lawnmower, Gas

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Craftsman lawnmower mod # 917.376360


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Alina F. -
March 03, 2011

We'll start with the ignition coil. The air gap between the coil and flywheel should be about the thickness of a standard business card.

The black square gasket leaking on this carburetor is no surprise at all. It is quite common for that to happen when this carburetor is opened up. Quite honestly, any time you open this carburetor up you can expect leaks after that. You can try putting some Vaseline or oil on the gasket where the carb body sits to soften it up some, but it will more than likely have to be replaced (part number 632548).

The gasket between the carburetor and the engine is part number 37136. If it is suspect, replace it.

If it were me, given what the machine is doing when you try to run it and the leaking problems, I would replace the carburetor. You very likely have a situation where the jets have old rotten fuel in them in the carburetor. If that is the case, you may never get the engine to run as it should. If you want to replace the carburetor, it is part number 632671C. It will come with all the gaskets needed to mount it up and run the engine.

You may want to get the new square gasket and then get some carb/choke cleaner and clean the carburetor out real good with it. Spray up into all the jets and make sure everything is blown out with the cleaner. Then install the new gasket and give it a shot. You can get a carb rebuild kit and try to go that route as it is cheaper than new carb. It is part number 632548.

You can order any of these parts HERE .

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XX Wade_ -
Sears Technician
March 03, 2011
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