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Part number needed 917276750 Craftsman Tractor


What is the procedure for adjusting the valves on my riding Craftsman Tractor Model #917276750, Briggs & Stratton Model #31P777-0602-E2? 917276750 Craftsman Tractor


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A. How to check valve adjustment.

1. Remove the rocker arm cover(s) (valve cover(s)).

2. Rotate the engine clock wise, by hand, until the engine is at TDC (Top Dead Center) on the compression stroke.

3. The piston will be at the top of the cylinder twice, during the four strokes of the engine.

I. To determine if the engine is at TDC, on the compression stroke, note the position of the valves, when the piston is at the top of the cylinder.

II. When both valves are closed, and the piston is at the top of the cylinder, the engine is at TDC and there will be no tension on the rocker arms and the valves will be in the closed position.

III. When the valves are on rock (exhaust stroke),the exhaust valve will be closing and the intake valve will be opening, the engine is not at TDC.

i. This can be determined by rotating the engine a quarter of a turn each direction.

ii. If the engine is at TDC the valves will not move, If the engine is on rock, one valve will close as the other one opens.

4. With the engine at TDC, rotate the engine a quarter of an inch counter clockwise.

5. Using a feeler gauge, measure the distance (the gap) between the top of the valve and the contacting surface of the rocker arm.

6. The correct gap is .004 to .006 (4 to 6 thousands).

7. If the distance (the gap) between the valve and rocker arm is within specs, .004 to .006, no adjustment is needed.

8. If the distance (the gap) between the valve and rocker arm is not within specs, .004 to .006, adjustment is needed. Go to

Step B. How to adjust valves

1. With the engine at TDC, rotate the engine a quarter of aninch counter clockwise.

2. Loosen the lock nut, locking the rocker arm, then turn the set screw in the center of the locking nut to obtain the proper distance (the gap) .004 to .006.

3. It is recommended to set the distance (the gap), more than the 004 to .006 to allow the rocker arm nut to be secured.

4. The setting must be .004 to .006 when the rocker arm nut is secured. It may be necessary to readjust until the proper setting is obtained.

5. Torque rocker arm lock nut to 45 inch pounds .

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May 08, 2015

snowblade 917276750 Craftsman Tractor


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The attachments for the tractors are mostly model specific. The snow blades fit into that category. The snow blade for tractor model is part number 24441, or model 486.24441. Without having the model number for the LT4000, I will not be able to confirm which blade would belong to it. However, if that's a garden tractor, it likely uses a Dozer Blade, which would not be compatible with a lawn tractor's 42" blade. 

For convenience, I have linked the model specific blade below from for reference.

Snow Blade 24441 for Model 917.276750

I hope this helps and thanks for using We appreciate your business. 

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
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October 20, 2014

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