Model #91147169690 KENMORE Built-In Oven, Electric

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What does F2 code mean and why is a top element staying on?


The F2 fault code indicates an over temperature in a cooking or clean mode. The control is sensing an oven temperature of 615 degrees which is. This is likely is likely caused by a failed oven control board. The control board failure is causing the broil element to stay ON and causing the oven temperature to get way too high. Disconnect the power supply to the oven. Locate the two (2) house circuit breakers inside the house breaker box dedicated for the wall oven and flip both circuit breakers OFF until the oven is repaired.

The oven control/clock assembly is part #WB27T10276R. I added a link to Sears Parts Direct below with the oven control/clock already looked up for you. Click on "Control-rblt" to open link.

Note: Disconnect the power supply to the oven before removing and replacing the clock/oven control board.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
October 27, 2009

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