Model #9113302192 KENMORE Counter Unit, Gas

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I really will appreciate instructions to get gas valve off the left burners for my cooktop #9113302191. The problem is gas is not getting through,


Many older ranges continue to function well for years. I can understand the need to do some self repair due to the age and parts availability. While you wait for the expert to review and respond, you can check the two links below for additional help if you wish. The first link is a great site that can be useful in step by step troubleshooting. The second link is to the schematics for this model at Sears Parts Direct. I attached both links below. Hope this helps.

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Barbara H. -
April 23, 2011

The WB21K5018 valve does not replace the WB21K5017 valve. I don't know if the shaft or the mounting is different or why it is not a recommended replacement.

I think your best bet is to try to repair the original valve. When gas valves fail it is usually because they need cleaning and fresh grease put in them. You can use silicone grease in the valve.

To remove the gas valve, you need to turn off the gas and remove the burners, pans, and the burner knobs.

Lift the top from the front and prop it up with the support rod. Remove the 2 screws that mount the burner valve to the manifold. Pull the burner valve away from the manifold.

The gaskets that seal the gas valve to the manifold are no longer available also. If the original gasket breaks when removing, I don't think you can repair the cooktop.

Good luck repairing the cooktop. If you have questions, reply on this thread and I will be glad to help.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
April 25, 2011
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