Model #79090929403 KENMORE Free Standing, Electric

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What part is needed when the bake element no longer works?


The failure could be a failed bake element or oven control board. In order to diagnose which one has failed will require disconnecting the power supply to the range and removing the bake element. The bake element can be tested for continuity using an ohm meter. A good bake element will measure between 16-23 ohms of resistance. If the bake element tests OK, the likely failure is the oven control board. Sometimes if you physically examine the bake element it will show signs of blistering or raised areas which normally indicates a failed bake element. Run you fingers all around the element from end to end, if it has any blisters or split areas, replace the bake element. Sometimes when a bake element burns out it takes out the control board too. I added an image of the wiring diagram below. The bake element is part #316075104 and the control board is part #316418208.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
September 10, 2009

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