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How can the oven door be unlocked on my Kenmore model 790.71392700 stove?


The first thing to try for this problem is to program a clean cycle again and then push the Stop/Clear keypad.

You don't include a lot of detail about when this happened or what you have tried so far. To actually reach the lock you would have to remove the top of the stove.

The first choice is to try a program a clean cycle and see if it will actually start the clean cycle again. If it does but still won't unlock when the Stop/Clear keypad is stuck then most likely the lock motor has failed and not the control.

I would recommend a technician check and repair this problem. To confirm which part is bad would require a volt/ohm meter.

I wouldn't recommend trying to force it. The oven must cool down before the door will unlock and this can take up to an hour. If the door is forced then the handle/lock can become bent and not unlock.

I hope this information gives you an idea of what might be wrong but submit another question with any additional detail for further assistance.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
April 08, 2010

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