Model #79046899900 KENMORE Slide-In Range, Electric

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I also have a Kenmore that is doing the element light always on just changed out the glass and now the light stays on model#79046899900


Thank you for your question. One of the four burner switches has a stuck contact causing the indicator light to stay on. The infinite switches will have a terminal labeled P and on some switches a terminal labeled 4. The terminal labeled "P" stands for Pilot. When the infinite switch is turned to the ON position, terminal "P" or the # 4 contact closes and completes a voltage path to the Pilot light and it glows. You can use the process of elimination to find which switch is bad. Turn the breaker off inside your house breaker box dedicated for the range or if it has a power cord you can unplug it. Once the voltage supply has be disconnected to the range, remove the control panel and disconnect just the one wire connected to terminal "P" or # 4 and then turn the power back on. If the light stays off, replace that switch. If the light comes back on, disconnect power again and then go to the next switch and remove the wire on terminal "P" or # 4 and repeat these steps until the light stays OFF and then you found the bad switch. NOTE: Remember to disconnect the power supply before removing and reinstalling the wires back on to the terminal. I hope this will help you. If you would like more assistance, reply to this thread and I will be glad to assist you further.   

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Scott D -
Sears Technician
November 08, 2013

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