Model #79041393400 KENMORE Built-In Oven, Electric

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Why does my oven (model 790.41393400) have a beeping message that says "Door" that I can't make go away?


"Door" will be displayed when the controls are set to begin a self clean cycle while the door is open. With the oven empty, close the door. See if the door will begin to lock to begin the self clean cycle. As soon as the locking of the door is complete and the oven begins to heat, press the Stop/Clear button to cancel the self clean cycle. If this does not work, you may have an electronic control board that is frozen up. With the door closed, shut off the breaker to completely disconnect electrical power for 5 minutes. Turn the breaker back on and see if you can cancel the self clean cycle and clear the display.

If these tips don't help, then it is likely that you have a failed oven door switch of a failed oven control board. I normally recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair this type of failure in the oven. If you have a volt/ohm meter and the technical ability to safely access internal oven components, you may be able to diagnose and repair this failure yourself. Resubmit your question with additional details if you need more help with this problem.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician

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