Model #7116 PORTER CABLE Router Accessory

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stove oven not working have a kenmore 790.7115,7116 top is fine but oven not lighting burner is glowing but no flame it is a gas stove


Hi there, As you already checked the manual and completed the troubleshooting there, I am sure you looked at available fixes. The expert will be answering the question. If down the road you decide you need expert repair, you can visit SearsHomeServices and use the handy scheduler. I attached the link below. Good luck.

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Barbara H. -
July 09, 2010

When you turn the thermostat on your range on it sends 120 volts to the bake valve and ignitor. The bake valve and ignitor are wired in series and the ignitor draws all the current and heats up. As the ignitor heats its resistance changes and when it is cherry red the current switches to the gas valve and it opens. The amp draw on the ignitor needs to be 3.2-3.6 amps for the gas valve to open. The gas valve has gas to it at all times.

The gas valve should open within 40 seconds after the ignitor starts to glow.

If the ignitor is glowing red and the gas valve doesn’t open the ignitor is usually the problem. Sometimes the ignitor will glow red but the resistance doesn’t change and the gas valve doesn’t draw the current.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
July 13, 2010
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