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Will a broken oven igniter prevent the gas from flowing to the bake burner?


If the igniter will not glow and pull enough current the oven safety gas valve will not open to allow any gas flow to the oven burner assembly.

There could be one of three possible component failures preventing the igniter from glowing:

  1. Broken igniter (key#14)
  2. Failed/open gas safety/bake valve (key#18)
  3. Failed oven thermostat (key#3)
The oven igniter is most likely to fail before the oven thermostat and gas valve. The oven igniter is part #12400035. I added a link below to Sears Parts Direct with the igniter looked up for you. Click on "oven igniter" to open link.

In order to diagnose the failure will require disconnecting the power cord from the power source. Disconnecting the igniter and checking it for continuity with an ohm meter. If the igniter does not measure any resistance/continuity, replace the igniter. If it checks OK then check the oven thermostat for continuity and the gas valve. If the thermostat has continuity then the gas valve will need to be tested for continuity. If OK then you will need to check the voltage supply to thermostat, gas valve and at the igniter to see if it's getting any voltage with a voltage meter. The voltage circuit must pass through the oven thermostat when it's turned on and it must also pass through the oven safety valve and then over to one lead of the oven igniter. The other wire is neutral line. See wiring diagram I added in the image below. NOTE: I do not recommend checking voltage unless you have experience and you feel safe and confident in doing so otherwise I recommend calling a service technician. Do not apply voltage directly across the safety valve.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
December 10, 2009

Joey I have this same Hotpoint M#31213WAV gas range. On occasion it fails to ignite the oven and heat up. The Norton ignitor is powered (120 volts)and heats up but the gas valve fails to open and the ignitor will remain powered continuously until the oven is turned off. At room temp. the ignitor ohms at 72 ohms. The gas valve ohms at 6.6-7.2 ohms. I have 2.9 AC volts at the gas valve when the ignitor is powered. The oven thermostat was just replaced. What could be the problem. The oven does ignite and heats up just fine 50% of the time. Rich H

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rich -
November 23, 2013
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Kenmore Dryer 110.6672 element will heat for 2 minutes then it cuts out I want to know do I need a thermostat or High limit thermostat?


From your description the most likely cause of this problem is the element. Sometimes an element will break but the coil still touches and it will heat until the coil separate and the stop heating till the coils cool down and touch again. You might want to visually check the heating element for this problem.

If the dryer is empty with no wet clothes the element may only stay on for a few minutes before it cycles off but you say the exhaust air is not hot.

If the element is losing voltage and short cycling then the problem can be with the control or hi-limit thermostat.

If the dryer is running the thermal fuse is not the problem and if the thermal cut-off opens it will not heat again.

If you have access to a volt/ohm meter and are comfortable and confident in using it you can carefully check voltage at the element to see if it is missing. Use caution checking voltage at the element because it is 240 volts and can be deadly.

You can run the dryer with the vent off and see if the element stays on any longer. A poor vent might cause the hi-limit thermostat to short cycle the element.

If you have no meter then there is another way you can check the thermostats. First remember to unplug the dryer so no voltage is present. You can then remove the two wires off the thermostat and jump (join) them together and see if the element stays on longer. You can also try this on the hi-limit thermostat and see if the element stays on longer.

I hope this information helps to resolve this problem but if after making some checks you have other questions then submit another question with any additional details for further assistance with this

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
June 12, 2009