Model #66575829002 KENMORE Free Standing, Gas

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unlocking self cleaning oven latch 75829002


Thank you for contacting with your question about your range. I am so sorry the door latch is engaged keeping the door from closing. I will be happy to help you with this but will need you to verify the model number. The model number you provided is not a valid number. If this is a Kenmore range, our model number format is three numbers followed by a period or a hyphen and then eight more numbers. I have located a Kenmore range that has a model number 665.75829002. If your model number has 665 in front of it then the following steps should release the latch.

1. Press the Off/Cancel button to clear the display.
2. Open the oven door. Depress and hold the door switch plunger. It is on the oven front frame (normally hidden when the door is closed). The latch mechanism will unlock after about six seconds.

If your model number does not start with 665 or this procedure does not release the latch, please resubmit your question with additional details. Thank you for choosing Sears, we appreciate your business.

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Rachel Morgan -
Sears Technician
March 10, 2014

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