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What would cause the timer knob on my dishwasher to stop turning and get hot?


There could be a couple of reasons why the timer stalls out:

  • The thermostat is not closing when the water temperature reaches 140 degrees.
  • Friction problem between the cam behind the timer knob and the cam follower.

Your dishwasher has thermostat (key#37) located under the sump base. This thermostat is normally open until it senses 140 degree water temperature in the tub. The open thermostat prevents the timer from advancing until it heats up the water and closes. If the thermostat never closes it will not allow the timer to advance to the next cycle. It has 2 thermal holds in the Pots and Pans cycle. One thermal hold is in the main wash and one thermal hold is in the rinse cycle. It has only one thermal hold in the final rinse cycle during the Normal wash cycle and the Light wash cycle.

Now, if you find that thermostat is closing when the water reaches 140 degrees and the timer does not advance it could have a friction problem between the timer cam (key#3) and the cam follower. I recommend setting the timer to off, open the door and close the soap dispenser cover. With the door open rotate the timer knob slowly clockwise and see if the timer gets stuck or gets very hard to advance at any certain position. If it seems to get hard to turn and it appears to be in the same position that it gets stuck in, I would say that it's a friction problem between the cam and cam follower or in the soap dispenser linkage.

Take the outer door panel off in order to watch the timer cam and linkage operation.

To Remove the Access and Outer Door Panels:

1. Loosen but do not remove the two (2) toe panel screws below the access panel. Remove and set aside the two (2) screws above the access panel. (Fig. 2-1)

2. Remove the access panel assembly by sliding it upward to clear the loosened screws. (Fig. 2-1)

3. Remove the two (2) screws from the bottom of the outer door panel. (Fig. 2-1)

4. Pull the bottom of the outer door panel outward and slide it down approximately ¼” to ½”. The panel will then be free for removal. (Fig. 2-1, inset)

5. Remove the existing door insulation. Access to the detergent and rinse aid dispensers is now possible.

The part# for the thermostat is #675740 and the o-ring gasket is #3376723 if you find that the thermostat is not closing.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
August 19, 2008

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