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Why is my dishwasher leaving 1" of water in the base?


I would think if there was a restriction in the dishwasher drain system that it would have left water in the bottom the first time you used it and not soon after. I'm not sure if your dishwasher drain problem is connected to them blowing out your lines or not.

Have you checked and cleaned out the port on the disposal where the drain hose connects? Take the drain hose off at the disposal and lay the hose in a bucket and check the flow of water coming out when you press the "Cancel/Drain button.

First, the dishwasher is not going to completely pump out all the water. A little bit of water will be visible if you look below the screen under the lower spray arm. Will the 1" of remaining water pump out if you press "Cancel/Drain"? If it is not able to pump out the 1" inch of remaining water when "Cancel/Drain is pushed, then the amount of water left is a normal amount.

There is two (2) check valves used to help prevent water from backing back down the drain hose and into the tub. One is inside the drain hose loop located and secured to the left hand side of the dishwasher tub and there is one flapper check valve inside the pump base.

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your dishwasher if continue to feel that there is a drain problem with your dishwasher or resubmit your question with additional details for further assistance.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician

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