Model #66516052401 KENMORE ELITE Dishwasher

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Question and Answers


Dishwasher doesn't work


Having a Dishwasher is awesome so when it starts to act different it can get very concerning. While you are waiting on an expert to answer your question, I was searching in the Manage My Life website and found a great link on why Dishwasher is blinking. I have attached the link below. Hope this helps!

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Dezeray S -
December 07, 2010

Thank you for your question and I understand your concern. When the "Clean" LED is flashing 7 times the dishwasher will not operate.

A heater fault detection program has been added to the electronic control to monitor the operation of the heater. If a temperature rise in the water is not detected during the first 8 minutes of the beginning of the main wash, the dishwasher will shut down.

A fault will be indicated if:

A 2�F increase in the water temperature is not obtained (inlet water temp greater than 90�F) or A 4�F increase in the water temperature is not obtained (inlet water temp less than 90�F).

If the correct temperature rise is not detected, the dishwasher will drain and blink the clean light 7 times to signal to call for service. The detection will be ignored if the temperature is out of its normal range 64 - 160� F or the door is opened during the first 8 minutes of the main wash. This is to prevent a false detection.

Possible causes that could keep the water from properly heating:

  • Open in Heating Element circuit (heater, thermostat, or wiring)
  • Neutral side Door Switch not closing (check switch and door latch assembly)
Note: Neutral side door switch only used for heater circuit
  • Water not coming in or lack of water (check inlet valve circuit and water pressure)
  • Lack of water circulation (pump motor or restriction in circulation channels)
  • Siphoning of water during fill (check drain hose for proper installation)

The blinking clean light and control can be reset and then the dishwasher will operate again unless it does not detect water heat again. T

To reset the control push the following keys respectively and then let the dishwasher run 2 minutes and then press CANCEL/DRAIN and the wait for it to quit draining and running.

Press--Heated Dry--Normal--Heated Dry--Normal

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
December 08, 2010
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