Model #66513783K601 KENMORE ELITE Dishwasher

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Question and Answers


Why won't the detergent dispenser release after replacing the dispenser assembly?


The control board dispenser triac likely shorted to cause the solenoid to overheat and melt. This is not a common failure but it can happen. A triac is like an electronic switch with no moving parts. The control board will likely need to be replaced.

In order to check the dispenser operation will require placing the dishwasher in a diagnostic test while checking the voltage to the solenoid, or start a wash cycle and it should open at the beginning of the second wash cycle. NOTE: I do not recommend checking voltages unless you have experience and feel safe and confident in doing so, otherwise I recommend calling a service technician.

To invoke a diagnostic cycle, press HEATED DRY-NORMAL-HEATED DRY-NORMAL and the dishwasher will step through all the intervals. The control board should supply 120 vac to the dispenser solenoid at interval 12. Connect your volt meter to the solenoid after starting the diagnostic cycle. If there is no voltage supply to the solenoid, the control board is likely bad. Check the wiring connections at the control board before replacing the control board. See image below. The electronic control board is part #W10084141.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
August 31, 2009

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