Model #66513679K602 KENMORE Dishwasher

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Why won't my Kenmore dishwasher model 665.13679K602 wash after filling with water?


You could have a failed motor or capacitor or you could have a voltage problem. If I understand your symptoms correctly, the motor hums but does not run. The wiring diagram for this dishwasher is shown in the image below. The resistance for the run and start windings for the motor are shown below. The capacitance of the capacitor is shown as well. Using the wiring diagram, you can shut off the breaker and check the resistance of the run and start windings for the motor. You can also discharge the capacitor and check the capacitance if you have a multimeter that will measure the micro-farads. If you can determine that a component has failed using these checks, you can order a replacement from the Sears PartsDirect website. Replace the failed part and test the dishwasher.

If the windings and capacitor are okay, a technician would normally measure the voltage supplied to the pump motor. I do not normally recommend that you check this live voltage yourself unless you are completely confident in your technical ability to safely measure it. Contacting exposed live wiring contacts with the dishwasher powered up can result in lethal electrical shock. If you are able to safely test voltage and determine that it is low, then you could have a voltage supply problem to the dishwasher, a wiring harness problem or a failure in the electronic control board.

These tips may help you determine the cause of your dishwasher failure. If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
May 13, 2009

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