Model #59676059701 KENMORE ELITE Bottom-Mount Refrigerator

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Question and Answers


How do I replace the water valve for a refrigerator ice maker?


Before you replace the water valve, make sure that you have adequate pressure and flow from the water supply line going to your refrigerator. If the water dispenser is working properly then you probably have adequate pressure and flow. You can check this issue if necessary by shutting off the water supply valve to the refrigerator and removing the water line connection on the back of the refrigerator. Place the end of the water supply line in a bucket and briefly turn on the water supply valve to check the pressure and flow. If it is weak, then you will need to resolve this issue instead of replacing the water valve. If the pressure and flow from the water supply to the refrigerator is okay, then I recommend that you check the water supply tube in the back of the freezer to make sure that it is not frozen. This could also interfere with the ice maker fill. If both of these issues are not causing your fill problem then you will likely need to replace the water valve. To do so, unplug the unit. Pull it out of cabinet space or away from the wall. If there is a bottom cover (in the back) on this unit remove the screws that hold it in place. The inlet (water) valve should be just behind that cover. Then disconnect the wiring, and the hoses, taking note (or take a picture) of how they go back on. To replace the water valve, reverse the above instructions. If you require further assistance please resubmit question with more details. I will be looking forward to helping you again in the near future.

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Landell -
Sears Technician
January 22, 2010

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