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Water in the dishwater is not hot.


I'm sorry to hear that you are having some difficulties with your dishwasher. I did some research for you and found an expert answer to a similar question that may help until your expert can respond to your specific question. The link is attached below. Hope this helps with your dishwasher, and thank you for choosing Manage My Life!

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Carmen G -
December 31, 2012

Thanks for the concern about the heater in your dishwasher, and the water not being hot enough.
The heater on this unit is for drying dishes not for heating the wash water. The water to your dishwasher must come to the unit heated. This is supplied by your water heater.
At the end of a hot dry cycle there should be heat in the dishwasher tub, if not then you can suspect the heater is not working and testing the heater and limit thermostat would be required. If they are okay then a timer problem of wiring issue exist.

Try this; before you start the dishwasher, turn on the hot water at the kitchen sink, when the water is coming out hot and steamy then turn on the dishwasher. To clean and dry properly the incoming water needs to be above 125 degrees for proper cleaning and drying.
I hope this helps, if you need additional assistance reply with more details and I will be happy to respond.

Thanks Ron H.
If you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link: Sears Home Services .

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Ron H -
Sears Technician
January 02, 2013
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