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press wash wont build pressure. 580752530 Craftsman Pressure washer


Thanks for the inquiry and for being a valued member.

I agree; the check valves and unloader valve would be the primary suspects. It could be the unloader is sticking. Unfortunately, the pump is not broken down into individual parts, but you may be able to go online and find aftermarket options that would work. 

I hope this helps and thanks for using We appreciate your business. 

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
April 15, 2015

Gas Tank Seal 580752530 Craftsman Pressure washer


Thank you for choosing Sears Parts Direct. I will be more than happy to help with your pressure washer. Upon researching model 580752530; I have posted a link of the replacement fuel tank that includes the gasket, to view the link click here.

I trust this information will help you, we appreciate your business thank for choosing Sears.

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CarlosZ -
Sears Technician
April 01, 2015

Craftsman Pressure Washer will not start


I know how disappointing it is to find your pressure washer will not start when you are in need of it. I was able to find a link that includes helpful information that may help you diagnose your pressure washer. I attached the link below. I hope this is helpful.

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Jackie S -
July 05, 2012

Thank you for you question as to why the pressure washer engine will not start.

The engine requires Air/Fuel/Spark/and compression to run.

You have said that you replaced the spark plug and drained the carburetor of old fuel.

I am going to assume that the spark system is okay and start with the carburetor.

Please drain the fuel from the tank or if it has a fuel shut turn the valve off.

Then remove the bowl from the bottom of the carburetor and clean the pickup orifice in the down tube that side in the bowl of the carburetor. If this hole is plugged it will not draw fuel into the engine.

carburetor cleaning on the briggs engine .

You may also want to remove the air cleaner to see if the choke butterfly is closing when you put the throttle to the choke position.

Please let me know what you discover and we can continue troubleshooting with that information.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
July 09, 2012
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