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Trying to find instructions for installation of replacement door gasket for Kenmore compact freezer.


Thank you for your question. First start by turning the power off to your freezer. Unplug it from the wall.

Open up the freezer door and inspect it. There will be several hex nuts/or plugs that line the inside edge of the door. If there is a channel beneath the gasket and the area beneath it is not whole and smooth, you will be able to retrofit a gasket flange into this groove.

Remove the hex nuts with a hex-nut driver. In some cases, these hex nuts will have a Phillips screwdriver notch inside. You can use a Phillips screwdriver to remove those types.

Pull out all of the screws. When finished, pull off the covering or coverings that hold the old gasket on. You may have to remove shelf brackets and food trays before you get to the actual gasket covering panel.

Pull out the old gasket and watch closely how it comes out.

Unfold the new gasket from the box. Heat it up in some warm water until it is easy to work with. Do not get it so hot you cannot handle it. Line it up where the old gasket came from and push it into place.

Push the covering panel or panels that held on the gasket into place. Thread the hex nuts into the screw holes and tighten them down firmly.

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dtova00 -
Sears Technician
September 04, 2013

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