Model #39719400 CRAFTSMAN Grinder

  • Split Phase, 115volts, 60 Cycle, 3450 R.p.m.
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How to change bench grinder wheel? C2370A2 397.19400


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With the power off, unscrew the shield, if applicable, that surrounds the grinding wheel. Locate the center arbor nut, and unscrew the nut with a wrench, holding the wheel in one hand so it doesn't rotate. Since the grinding wheel rotates toward you, the right-side wheel nut is threaded as you'd typically expect and unscrews by turning the nut toward the front of the grinder. The left-side grinding wheel nut, in most cases, is reversed and unscrews by turning it toward the back of the grinder in an opposite rotation. Once unscrewed, remove the nut and the holding washer.

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JeffwallaceIII -
Sears Technician
August 03, 2015

That was, of course, the first thing I tried. But a) holding the wheel in one hand doesn't work - you need to wedge an object to really restrain it - and b) the shaft and nut both turn when I immobilize the wheel. I looked and looked online, and finally found the answer - an ABRUPT blow to the wrench on the nut, not steady pressure - after applying some Kroil or WD-40 to the threads. Thanks anyway, Jon

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Jon -
August 03, 2015
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