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Craftsman Pump #390.252201 How do I replace the shaft seal in this pump? How do I get the impellar off the shaft?


Good morning.... I can appreciate your wanting to get to the bottom of this issue. I did a search and found an installation manual with a parts break down list. I hoping the image might be helpful to you. The second link will provide instructions for a pump with a model number very similar to yours. Also keep in mind that an expert will be in touch with you with a more detailed answer within the next two business days if not sooner. I hope this helps and have a nice day

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Henry -
November 26, 2012

Thank you for your question on the water system well pump.

Before you start the repair please remove the power to the pump motor.

To gain access to the impeller you will need to loosen the stainless steel band that secure the two half�s of the pump together.

Once you have removed the band then separate the motor end from the pump end.

Then you will need to remove to 5 screws that secure the diffuser to the motor housing.

Then you will need to remove the back housing on the motor to gain access to the slot in the motor.

With a flat bladed screwdriver hold the shaft while you unscrew counterclockwise the impeller from the motor shaft.

Then remove the four bolts and secure the back pump housing to the motor.

Once you have this housing removed you can push out the ceramic water shaft seal from the back side of the housing.

You can then from the front side of the housing install the ceramic seal from the front with the white ceramic facing you. Please make sure the rubber seal with the ceramic is seated completely into the housing. Be careful not to scratch or damage the seal.

Then remove the spring and carbon seal from the back side of the impeller and replace in the same order and thread the impeller back onto the motor shaft.

Please do not run the motor without water in the pump housing or the seal will be damaged.

Re-install the diffuser and the front pump housing to the assembly.

I hope this information will help you.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
November 27, 2012

Thank you so much. It will be a few days before I can try this. I had to order the seal from Sears and they said it will be in on Monday, 03Dec12. I use this pump to pump RO water from my storage tanks into the house water system. Thanks again.

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bigbob1941 -
November 27, 2012
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