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Why won't my tractor move?


It sounds like the brake is stuck on your machine. If you pull the freewheel control out and it won't move and you try to drive it and it won't move, I would tend to think the brakes are stuck. On the right hand side of the transmission, you should see a little lever with a silver rod going through it. There will be a spring on this rod as well as possibly some washers and a nut. Push that little lever forward then try to freewheel the tractor. If it still won't move, I would recommend having a technician come take a look at it. It's very possible that the brake pucks have seized on it and will to be pulled down and cleaned.

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XX Wade_ -
Sears Technician
April 29, 2009

After starting Motor and release Parking Brake, unit will Not move. However by kidding Brake Padile from behing a few times, the unit will move. An inspection of the Motor Drive Belt, it was observed the Bellcrank Ground Drive (Item # 189) would tip back and forth and the Clutching Ider would move and the Belt Shim of the side will jamb on the Rod Pedal Control (Item 163). By returning to operationl Level unit wiil operate normal. It appears the the Bellcrak Ground Drive (Item 189) tips to much, allowing Clucking Ider to logged against Rod Pedal Control. Pease call 304-334-3714. THANK YOU. Af

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Keith -
June 17, 2015
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