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How do I take off the inside gasket and replace it?


I know how important it is to have the gasket on your refrigerator installed properly so that no air will escape and your food will stay nice and fresh. While you are waiting for an expert answer, I did manage to find a link that will provide you with some good tips to help you with your project. I hope my link is useful.

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Joseph P. -
January 21, 2012

To remove the old gasket:

  1. Peel back the door gasket.
  2. Loosen (do not remove) the screws that clamps the gasket between the inner and outer door panels.
  3. Pull the old door gasket completely out of the door.
  4. Work the new door gasket into the gap between the inner and outer door panels. NOTE: If new door gasket has creases or wrinkles from shipment, use a hair dryer or soak in hot water to completely smooth out wrinkles before installing.
  5. Snug the screws to hold the gasket in place but do not tighten completely.
  6. Shut the door and make sure that the top and the bottom of the door gasket are sealing properly.
  7. You may need to flex the top or bottom of the door to make a proper seal.
  8. Open the door and tighten the screws. Close the door and recheck the seal. Loosen and adjust as needed to get a proper seal. NOTE: The door will only be rigid when screws are tightened.

To conduct a final check, close the door on a dollar bill. You should feel resistance when trying to pull the dollar bill out with the door closed.

NOTE : This is a complicated repair. If you do not feel completely confident in properly completing the repair, call a service technician. You can schedule service with Sears Home Services .

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Tykara -
Sears Technician
January 23, 2012
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