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Kenmore gas range/oven interior light won't turn on


Thanks for contacting manage my life about your rang/oven, sorry you are having a problem with the light, I will be glad to assist you. First I suggest that you remove the new light bulb and check the inside of the socket for corrosion clean if needed, then reinstall bulb and check operation.  _Always disconnect power supply before servicing the appliance and when testing live voltage be sure to wear proper safety equipment (gloves and eye protection) also be aware of sharp metals on product_If you still get no light you will need to test voltage to the socket from the back of the oven, or pull the socket out inside the oven (with power disconnected). If there is power with switch in on position replace socket, if there is no power proceed to test the switch. When the switch is in on position there should be infinity ohms reading. If switch is okay check the wiring supply to both for breaks and poor connections. I hope this helps, if you need service here is a link to Sears Home Services. Ron H.

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Ron H -
Sears Technician
August 23, 2013