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What could cause the ram and piston to fail twice on my Craftsman stapler model 351.181700?


It is unusual for the ram to fail after 7000 staples. I checked with the manufacturer and was told the normal life of a ram and piston is over 100,000 staples. Are you using the stapler for something unusual? Is it possible you might have hit some concrete with a staple? When did you purchase the stapler? The stapler has a 90 day warranty for commercial use and 1 year for residential use. If it is in warranty you should not have to pay for the part. We can have a part shipped to you if the stapler is in warranty.

When you disassemble the stapler for repair be sure to check inside for any debris and clean and blow it out well. A light coating of silicone grease or graphite inside the piston will increase the life of the ram and piston.

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Sears Technician
January 11, 2008

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