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Procedure to replace the wire wheel on a grinder?


There may be a procedure listed on the new wire wheel, but if not it will be basically the same a replacing a grinding stone/wheel.

There should be a flat spot or hex spot on the motor shaft just inside the current stone/wheel that you can use to hold the shaft from spinning. Just unplug the motor unit to prevent accidentally turning it on and then hold the shaft at the flat or hex so you can loosen the nut on the outside of the stone/wheel.

Once that outside nut is off, everything will come off. Some models use a reverse thread depending on which wheel you are removing (to prevent the nut loosening during use) so check the direction of the threads or, if you cannot see the threads but the nut will not seem to loosen, try turning it the opposite way.

Looking at the parts illustrations, such as the image below from the Sears PartsDirect site, will help you see how the parts fit together.

There will be spacers that need to go onto the wheel to be sure it is centered on the shaft and to be sure the wheel edge will not rub on the motor assembly or protective cover. They will be similar to items 5 in the image below and fit in a similar fashion.

It may take a little experimenting to determine the best position but once everything is in place just re-tighten the outside nut and everything should be ready to go. Be sure not to turn on the until you try turning the wheel by hand and are sure the wheel is secure and will run straight and not hit anything.

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July 21, 2008